Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!

We learned we will be expecting another kiddo in July, and this pregnancy has been so hard. Feel sick daily. But it seems things are getting a little better so I'm trying to work on my few on my list. 

Congrats Jade Baker for the set your Mom is having me make for you. 

Then this bridle came out of nowhere so I could practice more of the larger knots. I want to use them on Jades breast collar.  

I really love this one. I will have to get better photos soon. Especially since the ear piece is done. :) 

I am attempting to leave my headstalls just slightly bulkier than what I usually do. In other words not skiving the lace so thin. There is nothing wrong what I've done so far, but I have found it easier to work with my bigger knots on slightly thicker leather.  

As long as the tiredness and nausea are minimal Ill continue to get to the tack bench. I sure do miss it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gone Already...

I just finished this and cannot believe it sold so fast. Thank you Jackie. Hope it fits your resin well. 

Now I seriously need to get onto the mecate. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Save the Cinch

I will start by just noting that you can save a dirty cinch. Simple, yet I almost threw a cinch out because I got something on it off my desk. 

I am referring to string cinches. And then it dawned on me, wash it!!  Duh Danielle . So just put a little oxyclean in a bowl with some water so it dissolves. Take an old tooth brush (cleaned out of course or buy one just for this) and gently use the mixture to scrub your stains out. Rinse your tooth brush, then use clean water on your cinch spots. Repeat until all clean. Then I pulled out the hair dryer and dried the little booger. And wa-la I saved my cinch. 

In other news...

I've been waiting for supplies to get here so I started some random project that I truly need to finish today prior to mail arrival. I love it.  Starting as contest reins, it has turned into having a matching bridle. Hopefully I can stop there. Light blue, hot pink and black look awesome together. 

It needs part of the rein finished, futurity browband, throat latch,chin strap. It is a sales piece and feel free to claim it prior to me listing it.  

I am thrilled to have finished or shipped out several of my pieces lately. Thank you everybody. I am so glad you love your pieces and I cannot wait to hear they help you in the show ring.  For those who have pieces I am still working on thank you for your patience, that means the world. 

Angel says hay and thank you too! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brain Overload

I had the pleasure of visiting Heather Again last week. She racked my brain with everything model tack related. I think my head is just now finally catching up.

For anyone following FB you have seen some of what I have been learning. I'm in the process of completing my first bosal for the heart themed set I am making. But here's a picture in case you haven't seen. I am finishing Anne's bridle reins, but once done I will tackle the end knot and come up with some beautiful mecate. I am so pleased with this set thus far. I was super tickled when Heather said she wouldn't hesitate to show the set.

I think the headstall will be chocolate brown of sorts. With some knot work of course. I want the mecate to have brown and pink in it. Maybe white too.

I truly cannot wait to finish this set. It is so pretty thus far. I can only imagine what it will look like finished. I have hit that point where there are pieces I would love to keep and this would be it if I could. The set will be listed for offers on MHSP.i just know I don't want to use feebay.

I love hearing suggestions for tack. Current projects or something I haven't done. I just might use those suggestions. After all you guys are my biggest supporters. I love creating your ideas for a piece you'd love.

Alright, blabbing now. I'll post once I get the heel knot figured out.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It has to have been nearly a year and a half or more since I have done a saddle. With Heathers encouragement I got over the I haven't done this in so long fear and made an attempt.

Although not exactly what I wanted to do, I figured I should start small and then go big. There is etched silver plates on this saddle and stamping. By all means it is gorgeous and has taken a lot of redos and time. In the future I want to add a lot of hand tooling to my saddles though. For now I just wanted to feel the excitement of completing a gorgeous saddle in a time I feel my work has improved drastically.

Go me!!

The bridle on the horse does not go with this set. I was just playing around :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013


This week has been amazing. I got to go to my therapist twice this week. It amazes me how her presence allows me to forget everything and just enjoy her company and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Oh how I miss it out there. See the few pics below. Also a milestone was made. My son wanted to sit on her! Then there was baby cuteness.

I did get to sit down and work on tack. WG cheek pieces redone, another halter started and one of Jennifer's bridles started. Sorry no pictures yet, I'll get some very soon. Today is a very stormy day here. I'll use it to my advantage and get a working on these pieces.

My three year old took this picture above hehe.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been trying hard. Staying up late to try to complete some tack I need too. Squeezing in sales pieces also. If you have ideas or anything you need feel free to email me. My needles came up missing so I will be stuck until later today, but then I'll be back at it!

I have a gorgeous halter on MH$P right now. I am totally in love with teal. You'd see that halter from across the show hall for sure.

I still have the natural with red white and black knots snaffle. I'll take reasonable offers on it to move it out.

Here is also pictures of the older work light breed halter that I was told was a Susan Bensema Young piece from years ago. Any info on it Sue? I am working on getting rid of the tarnish.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's been a while...

The past few weeks have been pretty good on this end.  I've been feeling a little better for the time being.  I had a TEE done and it ruled out a hole in my heart.  So no hole, YAY.  If you ever have to get one of those don't be scared, I promise you won't remember a thing besides the nasty spray to numb your throat. I also learned my cholesterol is AWESOME. 90!  They'd like the total to be at or below 200.  I didnt do too much changing to my diet other than only drink water, eliminate fried foods (this was big for me, I used to eat out a lot), eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and eat a lot of fish and baked chicken. For anybody interested :)  No more leads on what is really wrong just yet...but this new MD I am seeing is truly a dear!  He is really eager to help me figure this out. Bless him.

Now, tack making has been going fairly slow.  There are nights I am just really tired and can't stay up.  My little guy has given me moments in the day though where he'll play on my laptop and let mommy play with tack.  He's an amazing little guy.  I have one bridle still available for sale if interested.  Its on the facebook page and MHSP if you'd like to look.  Outside of that I have a breastcollar I am mailing out tomorrow to match that heart bridle, LN's weathergirl bridle started and I'm dreaming up something for two bridles I need to do for the wonderful Jennifer Buxton. I did get to buy the bits for her bridles, just trying to think up what I want them to look like.   Oh and yes!  I needed a western break so I squeezed in a dressage bridle I promised as a SS gift to Redsixwing on blab. She was thrilled.

Then there was this inexpensive vintage find on MH$P that I went ahead and got.  I was told it was a Susan Bensema Young bridle from like 25-26 years ago. Light breed with silver and lead chain.  I'm in the works on trying to restore the silver to its former glory, but already it is looking amazing.  I'll get a photo of that and get it up here over the next couple of days.  I can't afford her recent tack at the moment, but even though this piece is 25 years or so old I am still just as thrilled to own something she's done.  I need to get on the picture upload so I can get details from her :).

Tomorrow my hubby is having surgery.  They are drilling a hole in his skull behind his ear to plug a canal to hopefully eliminate the vertigo he has as the result of an ear infection three years ago.  It left him pretty much deaf in the left ear.  If the vertigo is eliminated he'll feel so much better.  So bare with me over the next few weeks if tack is slow, I will be caring for both my boys.  Any thoughts or prayers very much appreciated. 

I'll post those pictures soon!

Monday, March 25, 2013


I have never seen a Jennifer Buxton saddle in person before mine arrived in the mail. I still stare at it daily in awe.
Thank you so much for doing that set.

On the tack making desk is Ellen's bridle for a weather girl. Ive been slacking a bit due to not feeling well, but I should have the headstall done at least this week. After completing that bridle I have a couple to do for Jennifer. We have settled on pinks for at least one of them. Maybe neutral colors for the other. Somewhere in there I want to make a real western saddle pad for my Angel girl. The time frame all dependent on my better feeling days.

Onto my health mystery, I found out MAYO Clinic has networks and there are physicians in KY! Florence here I come. Glad there are some local, bc honestly the primary md I have does not know what or where else to send me. MAYO is the next step. Any crossed fingers or prayers so very much appreciated.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chin up...

I've been super busy when it comes to tack.  Always something to keep my mind busy and thinking thank goodness.  I want to thank everybody who has purchased tack from me and to those who want to eventually purchase tack from me, or the thought even crossing your mind.  The sales of my tack right now have allowed me to keep my horse Angel.  I have also found two loving horse ladies to ride her for me on the trails while I'm not feeling good.  My heart feels a little better knowing she'll be getting ridden and brushed regularly, although I am sure she really didn't mind being a fat pasture pony. Little chubs. 

 Medically I've gotten no where.  Another "specialist" I can say I've added to the list and checked off.  Blood work still shows nothing.  Apparently, MD's don't talk among each other unless you are at the MAYO clinic.  Which, being here in KY is quite the drive for me.  I'm looking into that now, but being uninsured in those states makes the whole situation tougher for me.  But, like always, I will stay positive and will pull through.  Then you find wonderful inspirational stories like this fella  that make you want to jump up and run a marathon when you can barely walk (me!). 

And another thank you to the wonderful hobby folk who have been super helpful, supportive and true friends.  Bless you. 

I do have a western bridle for sale if anyone is interested.  I'll post a picture.  I started on a saddle but my inpatient self ruined it.  I've got to learn to sloooowww down a little when it comes to those things.  I ruined the dye or oiling process three times.  I had to tuck it away for now to save my sanity.  I'll pull it back out after I finish this weather girl bridle I am working on.

Ps I LUV this bridle.  I just love anything that dangles onto their face I think.  It makes great face decor. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting things done :)

A fairly productive week tack wise.  I worked non stop on a TWH bridle that I am in love with.  It is still on my stone so I can admire it.  That was my first piece of SUPER LSQ quality english tack.  The last time I attempted anything English was like eight years ago, when I was playing around in high school with tack making.  Let me see if I can find those photos, because everybody has to start somewhere.  Your first pieces may not be the best, but it takes practice.  Don't get discouraged if something isn't quite as nice as you planned.  Just learn from it and move on.  I have my first braided bridle sitting here because I don't feel it is up to the standards I could create today.  In fact at some point I should do another because it would really be fabulous. 

Here they are.  My first pieces from YEARS ago.  Both made via looking through KERIOKIE books.

They turned out pretty good for a first try.  But you just wait, when I do another English saddle it will be awesome.  I feel my skills have improved so much over the years.  Many thanks to other awesome tack makers in this hobby who share their tips, skills and friendships with me.  Without them I would not know what I know today. 

Next, some photos of the TWH Bridle. I'll be taking it along with me to the model show in Lagrange, KY on the 9th just to show it off.  It will be for sale eventually via MH$P or ebay, but I am unsure when. 

A photo of Danielle Feldman's bridle in progress.  I am still waiting on some matching Swarovski crystals to add on there and silver tips.

And Lastly, I tried to be good and get some photos as I work on another bridle.  This one is going to be insane.  Natural leather, tons of knots in Navy blue, black and creme, lots of real silver (most will be on the reins of course), romel reins.  It will be sold via auction or MH$P offers when finished.  It will have a matching breast collar and pad.  The pad is by Elise Partanen.  She is making it right now for me. 

There you have it folks, what I am doing currently. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


After stalking Jennifer Buxton's blog for several hours the other night I have gathered so many ideas for tack it is INSANE.  It felt like Christmas yesterday when I bought new "hole punches" aka. mechanical pencils to make perfect holes for bridles etc.  The new punches will seriously help with my tack OCD. 

I stalked Heather's blog tonight too.  Now I know the names of those books she always shows me awesome things out of when I do manage to get over there.  :)  I know what to add to my reference collection next now. Thanks for posting those! 

Current work in progress is a tennessee walking horse bridle and Danielle Feldman's western bridle.  I need more stuff to be able to get any where on the TWH bridle.  So right now Danielle's is top priority in finishing.  I just fell in love with the colors I get to use for this one.  Burgundy, navy and light cream color. Elise Partanen made her saddle pad.  Here is a pic of the TWH brow band in progress.  Still needs several things- a little work on my piping, another coat of maroon and some black for the dots then some SUPER gloss :) but it is getting there.  Then there is a picture of my workspace.  I had a printer there but am fed up with using my kitchen counter for working on.  So I moved the printer and now this is my space for tack making.  I'm loving it already.