Thursday, September 27, 2012

Been a while...

I've been busy O_O.  I have an almost three year old and he keeps me a running. lol.  I finished the chocolate and mocha bridle I was working on and just sold it on MH$P. Congrats Danielle :).  Let it help NAN many for you.  I have to focus exclusively on a corona I was working on now so it will be ready for Heather's show.  Creating a cm corona had my brain freezing often...and I admire those other corona making tack makers.  I can only hope it turns out like the brain wants it too.  After that project I have some special tack I'll be making for Tiffany Purdy.  They of course will include PINK.  What exciting projects to look forward too.

In the real life I have a gorgeous half arabian mare named Angel.  I am looking for someone to ride or show her.  If you are in the Louisville, KY area and would be interested I'd love to hear from you.  Money isn't my concern really, she just needs another human friend to allow her talents to be used.  She's a flashy girl. 

Got to get back to the family but I will post again soon. 

Friday, September 7, 2012


Sorry it has been a while.  I have been busy busy on the bridle I was working on.  The romels took a ton of time to braid/knot.  Here are some pictures.  I knew when I seen Heather Moreton-Abounders work and Susan Youngs that they took spent a lot of time on them.  Now, I have a whole new type of appreciation for these miniature works.  I sat here and as the hours passed by I lost count.  But through all that time that I lost track of it was because tying these knots were the most relaxing and fun thing I could have done for myself. They are a great stress reliever.  These photos were courtesy of my husband, who also was awesome and started to built me a mini tack box.  Well, like his dad, he decided the box needed to be larger.  He had built me a tack box for my real horse that after he was done I could literally walk into it and stand there.  Bigger is better they say! I told my husband that he is going to have to fill up the 18 saddle racks he put there.  That I am TOTALLY ok with! lol. Plenty of bridle space too.  I finished the western show halter in pinks for Show for the Cure in IL 2013 but forgot to get a great picture so I will take some soon.  Ruth received her bridle that she said was just beautiful and my buyer in Canada just loved her show halter.  I am SO excited to be getting my work out there.  I want to thank everyone who follows my work also and lets their friends know about me.  It means a lot. I can not wait to see my pieces help the horses NAN.