Monday, October 21, 2013

Gone Already...

I just finished this and cannot believe it sold so fast. Thank you Jackie. Hope it fits your resin well. 

Now I seriously need to get onto the mecate. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Save the Cinch

I will start by just noting that you can save a dirty cinch. Simple, yet I almost threw a cinch out because I got something on it off my desk. 

I am referring to string cinches. And then it dawned on me, wash it!!  Duh Danielle . So just put a little oxyclean in a bowl with some water so it dissolves. Take an old tooth brush (cleaned out of course or buy one just for this) and gently use the mixture to scrub your stains out. Rinse your tooth brush, then use clean water on your cinch spots. Repeat until all clean. Then I pulled out the hair dryer and dried the little booger. And wa-la I saved my cinch. 

In other news...

I've been waiting for supplies to get here so I started some random project that I truly need to finish today prior to mail arrival. I love it.  Starting as contest reins, it has turned into having a matching bridle. Hopefully I can stop there. Light blue, hot pink and black look awesome together. 

It needs part of the rein finished, futurity browband, throat latch,chin strap. It is a sales piece and feel free to claim it prior to me listing it.  

I am thrilled to have finished or shipped out several of my pieces lately. Thank you everybody. I am so glad you love your pieces and I cannot wait to hear they help you in the show ring.  For those who have pieces I am still working on thank you for your patience, that means the world. 

Angel says hay and thank you too!