Friday, July 27, 2012

Braided tack!

Heather was super nice as usual and took some shots of my bridle and beast collar set.  Tons of knots on this set! :) I'll be in Florida for a week but once I get back more tack making.  I may take an ISH halter order if anyone would be interested.  Turks and silver on it of course. Just e-mail me if you are in need of a new LSQ halter

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I have never been a blogger, so bare with me. The talented Heather of Desert Night Creations persuaded me to get one going so my tack can become more known.  So here I am :)  I have always loved horses and tack in general but was astonished with the model horse world and how creative people were in the hobby. I discovered Susan Bensema Young's tack in high school, started tack making a little but stopped because of college.  As the years past I ran across many other wonderful tack makers who inspired me to start it up again.  Then I found out one artist that I drooled over her miniature work lived right down the road from me. How blessed I am!  So Heather has been guiding me along to making wonderful knots and such.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Susan briefly while she was in for Breyerfest and got to drool over a few of her miniature items.  The knots were so amazing.  I have been working on a halter for ISH using the turks I have learned how to do.  I love it. Here is a picture.  Cannot decide if I want to leave it as it or change it up. The choices are limitless.