Monday, March 25, 2013


I have never seen a Jennifer Buxton saddle in person before mine arrived in the mail. I still stare at it daily in awe.
Thank you so much for doing that set.

On the tack making desk is Ellen's bridle for a weather girl. Ive been slacking a bit due to not feeling well, but I should have the headstall done at least this week. After completing that bridle I have a couple to do for Jennifer. We have settled on pinks for at least one of them. Maybe neutral colors for the other. Somewhere in there I want to make a real western saddle pad for my Angel girl. The time frame all dependent on my better feeling days.

Onto my health mystery, I found out MAYO Clinic has networks and there are physicians in KY! Florence here I come. Glad there are some local, bc honestly the primary md I have does not know what or where else to send me. MAYO is the next step. Any crossed fingers or prayers so very much appreciated.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chin up...

I've been super busy when it comes to tack.  Always something to keep my mind busy and thinking thank goodness.  I want to thank everybody who has purchased tack from me and to those who want to eventually purchase tack from me, or the thought even crossing your mind.  The sales of my tack right now have allowed me to keep my horse Angel.  I have also found two loving horse ladies to ride her for me on the trails while I'm not feeling good.  My heart feels a little better knowing she'll be getting ridden and brushed regularly, although I am sure she really didn't mind being a fat pasture pony. Little chubs. 

 Medically I've gotten no where.  Another "specialist" I can say I've added to the list and checked off.  Blood work still shows nothing.  Apparently, MD's don't talk among each other unless you are at the MAYO clinic.  Which, being here in KY is quite the drive for me.  I'm looking into that now, but being uninsured in those states makes the whole situation tougher for me.  But, like always, I will stay positive and will pull through.  Then you find wonderful inspirational stories like this fella  that make you want to jump up and run a marathon when you can barely walk (me!). 

And another thank you to the wonderful hobby folk who have been super helpful, supportive and true friends.  Bless you. 

I do have a western bridle for sale if anyone is interested.  I'll post a picture.  I started on a saddle but my inpatient self ruined it.  I've got to learn to sloooowww down a little when it comes to those things.  I ruined the dye or oiling process three times.  I had to tuck it away for now to save my sanity.  I'll pull it back out after I finish this weather girl bridle I am working on.

Ps I LUV this bridle.  I just love anything that dangles onto their face I think.  It makes great face decor.