Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting things done :)

A fairly productive week tack wise.  I worked non stop on a TWH bridle that I am in love with.  It is still on my stone so I can admire it.  That was my first piece of SUPER LSQ quality english tack.  The last time I attempted anything English was like eight years ago, when I was playing around in high school with tack making.  Let me see if I can find those photos, because everybody has to start somewhere.  Your first pieces may not be the best, but it takes practice.  Don't get discouraged if something isn't quite as nice as you planned.  Just learn from it and move on.  I have my first braided bridle sitting here because I don't feel it is up to the standards I could create today.  In fact at some point I should do another because it would really be fabulous. 

Here they are.  My first pieces from YEARS ago.  Both made via looking through KERIOKIE books.

They turned out pretty good for a first try.  But you just wait, when I do another English saddle it will be awesome.  I feel my skills have improved so much over the years.  Many thanks to other awesome tack makers in this hobby who share their tips, skills and friendships with me.  Without them I would not know what I know today. 

Next, some photos of the TWH Bridle. I'll be taking it along with me to the model show in Lagrange, KY on the 9th just to show it off.  It will be for sale eventually via MH$P or ebay, but I am unsure when. 

A photo of Danielle Feldman's bridle in progress.  I am still waiting on some matching Swarovski crystals to add on there and silver tips.

And Lastly, I tried to be good and get some photos as I work on another bridle.  This one is going to be insane.  Natural leather, tons of knots in Navy blue, black and creme, lots of real silver (most will be on the reins of course), romel reins.  It will be sold via auction or MH$P offers when finished.  It will have a matching breast collar and pad.  The pad is by Elise Partanen.  She is making it right now for me. 

There you have it folks, what I am doing currently. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


After stalking Jennifer Buxton's blog for several hours the other night I have gathered so many ideas for tack it is INSANE.  It felt like Christmas yesterday when I bought new "hole punches" aka. mechanical pencils to make perfect holes for bridles etc.  The new punches will seriously help with my tack OCD. 

I stalked Heather's blog tonight too.  Now I know the names of those books she always shows me awesome things out of when I do manage to get over there.  :)  I know what to add to my reference collection next now. Thanks for posting those! 

Current work in progress is a tennessee walking horse bridle and Danielle Feldman's western bridle.  I need more stuff to be able to get any where on the TWH bridle.  So right now Danielle's is top priority in finishing.  I just fell in love with the colors I get to use for this one.  Burgundy, navy and light cream color. Elise Partanen made her saddle pad.  Here is a pic of the TWH brow band in progress.  Still needs several things- a little work on my piping, another coat of maroon and some black for the dots then some SUPER gloss :) but it is getting there.  Then there is a picture of my workspace.  I had a printer there but am fed up with using my kitchen counter for working on.  So I moved the printer and now this is my space for tack making.  I'm loving it already. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking to lease a horse?

I have a half arabian mare named Angel who is looking for a friend. She is located in Pendleton KY, but can be relocated for the right leasee.  She is a laid back, do whatever you tell her to kind of horse.  She is five and I label her green just due to minimal saddle time.  She has never done anything bad at all and does know her leg cues.  She just needs more rides.  I have had her since a yearling and have done extensive natural horsemanship with her.  I did dressage and have had her saddled both english and western.  She has worn a snaffle bit and does fantastic or gone bitless. Just needs a rider who knows their aids, won't beg for a response and be able to promptly correct her.  So, training experience a great plus.  Any and all questions welcome.  So for lease (preferably) or sale. Contact me for info and tell me about yourself.  This picture is Angel November 2012. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Holly cow it has been a while.  I'm still here I promise :).   I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas and  has a wonderful new year!

Things have been just crazy and very frustrating for me lately.  I'll go ahead and vent.  Since October of 2011 there has been "something" going on with me medically.  At this current moment, I am lucky to pick up my child's toys, or walk around the block with my dog (on a good day).  I used to be able to do anything and ride my horse (of course my favorite activity). The most annoying symptom is the feeling of pressure in my gums that is pushing on all of my teeth, blurred vision and dizziness.  I am 26 and career wise I am a nurse but lost my job due to being unable to walk down the hall to care for my patients.  To this day my lab work as shown negative on EVERYTHING.  I have seen so many MDS and still nothing.  I walked in the ER yesterday at a very research oriented hospital in Louisville, praying that one MD would consider doing the few things that haven't been done to me already to figure this out.  Wrong, you literally have to be dying to be admitted...  So here I go again, holding my chin up and suffering through another two month wait to go back to another specialist that I've already seen one of.  The past year has been one painful medical blur.

In this post I am not looking for any pity, I just want to share how this constant battle on the other side of the health care system has frustrated me, as a patient and as a nurse.  I am typically this sweet laid back, nice to everyone type of person.  Since this has come about I've learned that I am alone in this world (outside of my family, husband, a couple friends) and no one truly cares about you on a personal level outside of that.  I've had to become assertive.  It breaks my heart for all the patients that I took care of.  I knew the people I cared for were in pain, physically or emotionally, but this experience has allowed me to fully understand how they feel lying there in the hospital.  So healthcare workers...don't get frustrated when you feel a patient is being "needy", or rings the call bell 50 times.  I GUARANTEE they just want someone to listen to them...   And for all those folks still trying to find an answer.... Keep your chin up because we will find an answer.

And has anyone else watched those MONSTER INSIDE OF YOU shows? Yeah...starting to wonder...

In the studio...
Well, I don't actually have a studio yet sadly.  I'd love to have a room some day that can just be ALL horses.  But currently I have started working on Danielle Feldman's bridle.  I got her reins braided up.  Trying to think how exactly I want to do her bridle.  It'll be matched to a beautiful pad in Burgundy and Navy blue.  I have a classic scale bridle almost finished and am working on another traditional one right now.  It has a star bit, natural leather, dk brown, black and light mocha brown knots.  Will have dk brown reins too.  It will be for sale.

When I am finished with these few western bridles I am going to make a TWH bridle.  I need a change from western for a bit.  I have a lovely stone TWH I got from my secret santa on BLAB this year that is just itching to model it for me.  Cannot decide on a browband color yet. 

My brain is no longer functioning so I will come back and post again soon :).