Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Project

I am still trying to get used to keeping this updated and new information always on here so please bare with me :)  I finished my other bridle and am onto another idea in my head.  I had a Rio Rondo heart bit I needed to use, so that'll be this bridle. Here's what's started so far.  I actually have both buckles done on both sides, but I'll add a new picture tomorrow.  Offers being taken on the other bridle.  Currently at $125.00. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knotting along...

Ok, getting there.  Only a rein to go!  I also want to replace my "silver" on the tips of my cheeks pieces with real silver, just put this on here to give you an idea.  Just have to get some ordered and mailed to me.  Was in a hurry to get this picture and I couldn't get my FANCY looking end knot with tassel to photo without becoming blurry on me.  So, after I finish the other rein I'll sneak and get the good camera (the hubby's lol) and photo it better. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Well, I'm down to reins and a chin strap.  Yippie.  Doubt I'll get to finish it up until next week due to work.  Here are some progress pictures.  Not the greatest because the sun is not out and I was hurrying :). 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whistle while you work...

Making progress!  These pictures are from earlier today.  Tonight I was on a roll.  I'll get some newer ones tomorrow for you wonderful folks.  The last picture is of a six bight turk that has interweave.  MY FIRST one interwoven.  I think it took me an hour just to get this one knot complete and my eyes were going blurry towards the end.  Had to stop for the night but I'll try working some more tomorrow.  I work all weekend (boo) so no family or mini tack project time after tomorrow.  Just a heads up for all you keeping tabs on the bridle.  That away you don't wonder why I fall off the face of the planet during the weekends. :)   

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Progress photos.

Here we go.  I am usually bad about getting "progress" photos due to just wanting to finishing a piece, but I'll get better at taking them so everyone can see.  I was wondering where this bit went and I found it in a pouch with this bridle partially started which was an exciting surprise.  I stayed up late last night working on it.  Got way more work to do on it of course.  I was thinking of putting reds it but then just decided to stick with black and white for this one.  That will allow it to match a bazillion different saddles out there.

Monday, August 6, 2012

So what next?

Here are a couple more photos of the halter and lead for sale.  I'm in love.  One day I will have a lot of show ponies and they will wear this gorgeous tack.  lol.  For now it is shared with all of you wonderful folks who can own them and show them for me.  So I am finished with this project and trying to think up something else to do. I will do more halters but I have a nekkid little lonestar walking on my shelf just waiting for me to attempt to make him some western gear.  I want to start it so bad then I walk over to him and am intimidated by how small he is.  I am certain it would turn out fine, but heavens, I am 25 and my eyes struggle with my knots sometimes in traditional scale.  :) Everything is so TINY in SM scale.  I applaud mini tack makers-Anna Kirby being a huge favorite of mine. Truly awesome little saddles. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

All finished!

Back from vacation and the first thing I do is finish this halter.  I redid some parts and here it is.  It is so cute.  Makes me want a ton of ISH's and a ton more halters!  This halter and lead is for sale.  E-mail if interested.  Or if you would like a custom one just let me know.