Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dremel crazy

So while making the tack for my QH he decided to fly. The end result...
Poor guy. But I love him so much I decided to start "fixing" him immediately. 
Never a better time to have another go at customizing. I know I can make him handsome again, but I'll take my time and get him right. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All the cute small things

I've been very occupied with this little one
so I have not opened the tack books. Plus I want to be able to make what I please when I do have time. I will be working on Char's set but other than that probably nothing until next year... at some point. 

To take a break from western and knots for a minute I did decide to dive into a little bit english set.
 I fell in love with the Breyer breeds of the world QH and someone I know had the perfect little cm for it. It was done by Tiffany Purdy.  So a purdy little saddle for a purdy little horse. :) she'll get more photos this weekend and I'll post those. Here is a quick shot of Silver with tack just sitting on him.  Nothing is adjusted  on him. 

So beautiful!  I think it's an awesome set. Especially since I usually go big. :)