Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's been a while...

The past few weeks have been pretty good on this end.  I've been feeling a little better for the time being.  I had a TEE done and it ruled out a hole in my heart.  So no hole, YAY.  If you ever have to get one of those don't be scared, I promise you won't remember a thing besides the nasty spray to numb your throat. I also learned my cholesterol is AWESOME. 90!  They'd like the total to be at or below 200.  I didnt do too much changing to my diet other than only drink water, eliminate fried foods (this was big for me, I used to eat out a lot), eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and eat a lot of fish and baked chicken. For anybody interested :)  No more leads on what is really wrong just yet...but this new MD I am seeing is truly a dear!  He is really eager to help me figure this out. Bless him.

Now, tack making has been going fairly slow.  There are nights I am just really tired and can't stay up.  My little guy has given me moments in the day though where he'll play on my laptop and let mommy play with tack.  He's an amazing little guy.  I have one bridle still available for sale if interested.  Its on the facebook page and MHSP if you'd like to look.  Outside of that I have a breastcollar I am mailing out tomorrow to match that heart bridle, LN's weathergirl bridle started and I'm dreaming up something for two bridles I need to do for the wonderful Jennifer Buxton. I did get to buy the bits for her bridles, just trying to think up what I want them to look like.   Oh and yes!  I needed a western break so I squeezed in a dressage bridle I promised as a SS gift to Redsixwing on blab. She was thrilled.

Then there was this inexpensive vintage find on MH$P that I went ahead and got.  I was told it was a Susan Bensema Young bridle from like 25-26 years ago. Light breed with silver and lead chain.  I'm in the works on trying to restore the silver to its former glory, but already it is looking amazing.  I'll get a photo of that and get it up here over the next couple of days.  I can't afford her recent tack at the moment, but even though this piece is 25 years or so old I am still just as thrilled to own something she's done.  I need to get on the picture upload so I can get details from her :).

Tomorrow my hubby is having surgery.  They are drilling a hole in his skull behind his ear to plug a canal to hopefully eliminate the vertigo he has as the result of an ear infection three years ago.  It left him pretty much deaf in the left ear.  If the vertigo is eliminated he'll feel so much better.  So bare with me over the next few weeks if tack is slow, I will be caring for both my boys.  Any thoughts or prayers very much appreciated. 

I'll post those pictures soon!