Thursday, May 16, 2013


This week has been amazing. I got to go to my therapist twice this week. It amazes me how her presence allows me to forget everything and just enjoy her company and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Oh how I miss it out there. See the few pics below. Also a milestone was made. My son wanted to sit on her! Then there was baby cuteness.

I did get to sit down and work on tack. WG cheek pieces redone, another halter started and one of Jennifer's bridles started. Sorry no pictures yet, I'll get some very soon. Today is a very stormy day here. I'll use it to my advantage and get a working on these pieces.

My three year old took this picture above hehe.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have been trying hard. Staying up late to try to complete some tack I need too. Squeezing in sales pieces also. If you have ideas or anything you need feel free to email me. My needles came up missing so I will be stuck until later today, but then I'll be back at it!

I have a gorgeous halter on MH$P right now. I am totally in love with teal. You'd see that halter from across the show hall for sure.

I still have the natural with red white and black knots snaffle. I'll take reasonable offers on it to move it out.

Here is also pictures of the older work light breed halter that I was told was a Susan Bensema Young piece from years ago. Any info on it Sue? I am working on getting rid of the tarnish.