Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brain Overload

I had the pleasure of visiting Heather Again last week. She racked my brain with everything model tack related. I think my head is just now finally catching up.

For anyone following FB you have seen some of what I have been learning. I'm in the process of completing my first bosal for the heart themed set I am making. But here's a picture in case you haven't seen. I am finishing Anne's bridle reins, but once done I will tackle the end knot and come up with some beautiful mecate. I am so pleased with this set thus far. I was super tickled when Heather said she wouldn't hesitate to show the set.

I think the headstall will be chocolate brown of sorts. With some knot work of course. I want the mecate to have brown and pink in it. Maybe white too.

I truly cannot wait to finish this set. It is so pretty thus far. I can only imagine what it will look like finished. I have hit that point where there are pieces I would love to keep and this would be it if I could. The set will be listed for offers on MHSP.i just know I don't want to use feebay.

I love hearing suggestions for tack. Current projects or something I haven't done. I just might use those suggestions. After all you guys are my biggest supporters. I love creating your ideas for a piece you'd love.

Alright, blabbing now. I'll post once I get the heel knot figured out.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It has to have been nearly a year and a half or more since I have done a saddle. With Heathers encouragement I got over the I haven't done this in so long fear and made an attempt.

Although not exactly what I wanted to do, I figured I should start small and then go big. There is etched silver plates on this saddle and stamping. By all means it is gorgeous and has taken a lot of redos and time. In the future I want to add a lot of hand tooling to my saddles though. For now I just wanted to feel the excitement of completing a gorgeous saddle in a time I feel my work has improved drastically.

Go me!!

The bridle on the horse does not go with this set. I was just playing around :)