Monday, January 6, 2014

It's getting better

As I get less nauseous I find myself able to sit at my tack desk longer. The most recent result was this...

while I waited for lace to arrive. I adore this bridle. So elegant. 

I also wanted to brag about my tack box I got from Pawprints Saddlery aka Sara Kucharski.  Her fiancĂ© Jake makes them.  I just looove it. Now I just need to fill it up.  

One day I'll make a piece to keep for myself. I found just the one!   

While stalking Jenn and Sue I ran across this picture Jenn took of one of Sues hackamores, my jaw dropped. 

It is a omg I got to make one of those reactions. I will too, at some point. Not sure what colors I'd want.  

Then I practiced my first double interweave on a four bight. 

Trying to figure out what colors work best together for sues headstall. I am still behind, but slowly catching up. The work list is still the same. 

Jades set- working on breast collar 
Sues headstall
Mindys set 

Getting there!!  

Then I was thinking about Breyerfest.  I don't think I'll make it this year. I'm due the 28th of July. I'd hate to go in labor at the horse park.. :/ 

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