Thursday, July 17, 2014

July :)

An exciting month for many reasons. Getting some tack done that was needing completion. Baby girl will be here  anytime now. And I got the most adorable PIF in the mail from an Aussie friend Janice. 

One of my most favorite things ever is surprise mail. Whether it be a note/letter or anything I just love mail. This little etchie named Wrangler Jane made my heart melt. 
Typically I only collect traditionals. Now I'm hooked on tiny sm customs now. She will need a little show halter at some point :). A big thank you Janice, I adore her. She's pictured In front of my awesome Bennett Cooper resin painted by Jenn Danza. 

Getting some tack finished or worked on has me feeling awesome. Right now I am working on Heli's reins. Hope to ship it out prior to baby girl. 
Finished Sue's headstall. Hope you love it. It will leave here soon. 
A sales piece that went super fast. I love blue. 
Then I need to start Danielle's set among a few other projects. 

My real Angel has been getting lots of love and rides. 

I cannot wait to ride soon. It has been so looong. 

And in case you are curious what I look like currently with my big ol' baby girl belly...
I love baby bellies. Although currently I'm not moving around so fast :) 

So July has been awesome. Another post will be soon. Baby girl may be introduced. 

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