Monday, June 15, 2015

I love this hobby 💜

I have had the honor to meet some of the most amazing and talented people by being in this hobby. I just wanted to post my thanks to all the wonderful hobbyists who have crossed my path.  Those 
who have taught me tons via in person, by your daily blog posts, shared tips or those who just follow my work.  Many of you have become great friends. I look forward to the day I meet many of you in person. You all are the celebrities I admire.  

That being said, Sara Kucharski of paw prints saddlery had me thinking of this today. She surprised me with some unexpected gifts that totally made my day. Gorgeous saddle pads. That was the sweetest thing ever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely love having other artists goodies. :). They will be very loved. 

Progress has been slow recently in the books. My daughter is almost one and has been so clinging to mom lately. Which has decreased my me time :/. But I'm currently painting the barn off and on and working on Danielle's breast collar. 

Thanks for your patience so much. They'll all get done promise. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dremel crazy

So while making the tack for my QH he decided to fly. The end result...
Poor guy. But I love him so much I decided to start "fixing" him immediately. 
Never a better time to have another go at customizing. I know I can make him handsome again, but I'll take my time and get him right. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All the cute small things

I've been very occupied with this little one
so I have not opened the tack books. Plus I want to be able to make what I please when I do have time. I will be working on Char's set but other than that probably nothing until next year... at some point. 

To take a break from western and knots for a minute I did decide to dive into a little bit english set.
 I fell in love with the Breyer breeds of the world QH and someone I know had the perfect little cm for it. It was done by Tiffany Purdy.  So a purdy little saddle for a purdy little horse. :) she'll get more photos this weekend and I'll post those. Here is a quick shot of Silver with tack just sitting on him.  Nothing is adjusted  on him. 

So beautiful!  I think it's an awesome set. Especially since I usually go big. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

She arrived

My baby girl showed up on July 18th. Makes her birthday easy to remember because her brothers is also on the 18th of another month. 

I've been busy. It was easy when I had my son. He was the only baby. Now I have to balance in 4 1/2 yr old energy and needs this time. It is rough. Admittedly I am tired. But it will all get easier I am sure. 

I hope to work on some of Heli's reins tomorrow. Family will have my son for a bit. That is such a big help. 

There is also the awesome thought that I will have an easier time exercising soon and then I can ride. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July :)

An exciting month for many reasons. Getting some tack done that was needing completion. Baby girl will be here  anytime now. And I got the most adorable PIF in the mail from an Aussie friend Janice. 

One of my most favorite things ever is surprise mail. Whether it be a note/letter or anything I just love mail. This little etchie named Wrangler Jane made my heart melt. 
Typically I only collect traditionals. Now I'm hooked on tiny sm customs now. She will need a little show halter at some point :). A big thank you Janice, I adore her. She's pictured In front of my awesome Bennett Cooper resin painted by Jenn Danza. 

Getting some tack finished or worked on has me feeling awesome. Right now I am working on Heli's reins. Hope to ship it out prior to baby girl. 
Finished Sue's headstall. Hope you love it. It will leave here soon. 
A sales piece that went super fast. I love blue. 
Then I need to start Danielle's set among a few other projects. 

My real Angel has been getting lots of love and rides. 

I cannot wait to ride soon. It has been so looong. 

And in case you are curious what I look like currently with my big ol' baby girl belly...
I love baby bellies. Although currently I'm not moving around so fast :) 

So July has been awesome. Another post will be soon. Baby girl may be introduced. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring is here yay!

Spring weather makes me happy. I love sun and being able to walk the dog without freezing. It's nice I feel better this trimester also. So things are going good. 

I got to finish up a couple of pieces and send them out. Only a few things left to do now. 

My most exciting news is that my horse Angel is being leased by a great gal who loves to send me updates and pictures. Plus she is only 40 minutes from my house so I can drop in whenever I like. 

I took that one. My son loves riding on her now. This was just a quick sit. 
Angel and her new friend. She gets lots and lots of daily attention and rides. I am so happy she ran across Angels ad online. I have met so many nice people offline. Including my husband. 

Most recent piece from the studio up for offers currently...

I sent it off to a friend to get good pictures on her stable horses. My stable numbers are so small right now. Plus she is a photographer. :). It is on MH$P and I'll update the pictures when she's done. 

My stable is small because I have expensive tastes. Resin and custom paint jobs. My most recent Beauty arrived though. A cm roxy by Mindy Berg. I loooooooooovvve this horse. Now to think up performance ideas.  
I hope to invest in a nice curio at some point. 

Other than all this excitement my belly is growing and I'm spring cleaning due to slight flood in the house. Not too bad, but it has allowed me to throw bunches of stuff out. I look forward to getting back to my orders. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's getting better

As I get less nauseous I find myself able to sit at my tack desk longer. The most recent result was this...

while I waited for lace to arrive. I adore this bridle. So elegant. 

I also wanted to brag about my tack box I got from Pawprints Saddlery aka Sara Kucharski.  Her fiancé Jake makes them.  I just looove it. Now I just need to fill it up.  

One day I'll make a piece to keep for myself. I found just the one!   

While stalking Jenn and Sue I ran across this picture Jenn took of one of Sues hackamores, my jaw dropped. 

It is a omg I got to make one of those reactions. I will too, at some point. Not sure what colors I'd want.  

Then I practiced my first double interweave on a four bight. 

Trying to figure out what colors work best together for sues headstall. I am still behind, but slowly catching up. The work list is still the same. 

Jades set- working on breast collar 
Sues headstall
Mindys set 

Getting there!!  

Then I was thinking about Breyerfest.  I don't think I'll make it this year. I'm due the 28th of July. I'd hate to go in labor at the horse park.. :/